Which Geotab rate plan is best for my business?

Published on March 5, 2021

The upcoming Canadian ELD mandate is fast approaching, and motor carriers are beginning to think about compliance. With so many fleet telematics providers to choose from, it can be tough finding the right ELD partner to meet your business needs. This is where Northern BI can help. How would you like to have a friendly ally to guide you through this new world of electronic logs and services? Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place.

Service with a smile

At Northern BI, we pride ourselves on being a friendly company that always offers service with a smile! When you’re a Northern BI client, you’re more than just a customer. Our dedicated team of specialists makes you feel like you’re calling a friend. We know your business and its challenges. If you’re unsure of which Geotab rate plan fits best with your business needs, just ask!

Ask the right questions

Before choosing a rate plan, you need to know which specifications you’re looking for. Do you need a plan to meet ELD compliance? Do you want to “Active-Track” your fleet? Or do you simply need to spot find a vehicle on a map? Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help create the best action plan to suit your business requirements!

*The Base plan does not meet the requirements for ELD compliance

Base plan

Geotab’s Base plan is their most basic fleet management plan. It offers features such as GPS location, VIN, Driver ID, and basic IOX expandability support. The Base plan is ideal for local commercial delivery services that don’t need electronic logging support.

Regulatory plan

Geotab’s Regulatory plan is a step up from Basic and meets the ELD compliance requirements. It offers features such as Hours of Service (HOS), IFTA and temperature monitoring functionality. The Regulatory plan is ideal for any fleet that travels more than 160 km from their home terminal and requires e-logs.

Pro plan

Geotab’s Pro plan is a more advanced fleet management system. It offers features such as engine data, vehicle maintenance and driver behaviour. The Pro plan is excellent for larger fleets where regular vehicle maintenance checks are important. This plan is the most popular amongst Northern BI customers as it covers a wide range of requirements.

ProPlus plan

Geotab’s ProPlus plan offers the greatest functionality. It’s geared towards fleets that need more precision as it features “Active-Tracking” and more data. The ProPlus plan also comes with the peace of mind of a lifetime warranty (conditions apply), as well as premium services including EV data.


We’re here to help

When it comes to selecting the right rate plan, the team at Northern BI is here to offer you personalized help and care. We can offer everything from customized fleet solutions to ELD training. Your success is our success. We want the system to work for you, instead of you having to work the system. Contact the Northern BI team today to learn more!

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