What is OEM embedded telematics, anyway?

Published on February 11, 2022

Remember the first time you used GPS? Remote started your car? Or saw a dashboard camera? Connected vehicle technology is an industry called telematics and it’s growing exponentially. This year, the global automotive telematics market is expected to reach over $100 billion. The ability to connect our mobile devices to our vehicles is a growing trend. Fleet management software, like MyGeotab, helps businesses oversee things like driver safety, fuel usage, maintenance, routing and more. Before, the only way to collect this information was through an aftermarket device plugged into your vehicle’s OBD port. But now, vehicles are coming already equipped with built-in telematics – known as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) telematics.

The lowdown on OEM telematics

OEM embedded telematics makes it easy for users to quickly connect vehicles to their fleet management software program. By skipping the need to purchase aftermarket hardware and hiring someone to install it (if necessary), OEM telematics gets vehicles on the map faster. This is a huge cost and time savings – especially if you have a lot of vehicles in your fleet. Keep in mind, the data collected differs from an aftermarket telematics device, but if you just need basic information about your vehicles, OEM telematics might be a terrific way to manage your fleet.

How does the Geotab OEM telematics integration work?

What’s great about the Geotab fleet management solution is that it allows integration with mixed fleets. Meaning, if some of your vehicles use the Geotab GO device, while others use embedded OEM telematics, they can all be managed on one platform.

With Geotab, the vehicle data is collected by the OEM then sent to Geotab’s data platform. The functionality is available for leading vehicle manufacturers to send telematics data via Geotab’s open API platform. The system is hosted by Geotab within a secured, available production environment that undergoes regular maintenance and updates

OEM Illustration
Geotab OEM toolkit

How to use the Geotab OEM telematics solution

The process to get started with Geotab’s OEM telematics solution is easy!

  1. Activate the OEM telematics service
  2. Register the third-party/manufacturer’s telematics solution on Geotab’s MyAdmin
  3. Add the serial number and VIN of each vehicle to MyGeotab

Once the vehicles have been added to MyGeotab, they can be used from the same user interface.

Thanks to connected car telematics, the future of the fleet management industry will be defined by accurately capturing driving data. The data continues to help drivers improve safety, increase fleet efficiency, reduce costs, and monitor vehicle performance. All these pieces together enable the amazing, connected world that we all enjoy. If you’re interested in learning more about the Geotab OEM telematics solution, contact Northern BI today!

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