Complete temperature monitoring for refrigerated trucks and trailers

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Keep your cool with Valor’s real-time temperature monitoring system

When you have temperature-sensitive goods to transport, the Valor TempTrac sensor gives you the peace of mind to deliver shipments safely. Designed to meet today’s demanding requirements, Valor’s temperature-monitoring sensors provide accurate and real-time data every four seconds. From transporting pharmaceuticals to fresh produce and frozen goods, the sensors are equipped to alert you if the temperature changes within 0.1 degrees Celsius. Together with the Geotab GO device, Valor’s TempTrac is your complete temperature monitoring solution.


Real time temperature monitoring
Real-time temp monitoring

The internally mounted sensors simultaneously monitor trailer temperature from up to 4 zones, every 4 seconds.

Email or SMS Alerts icon
Immediate SMS or email alerts

Get instant alerts via SMS or email for problematic changes in temperature.

Long lasting battery icon
Long-lasting battery

Have peace of mind when transporting temperature-sensitive goods with 5 to 7 years of battery life.

Trusted by top North American grocers

The United Nations and Food Agriculture Organization estimates that more than one-third of food made for human consumption is either lost or wasted every year in North America. Most of the food we eat travels a long distance before it finds its way to our plates – leaving large windows of opportunity for food to spoil. To maintain high-quality services, some of North America’s top grocers trust the Valor TempTrac system to safely deliver food from the field to store shelves. With accurate and real-time temperature tracking, farmers and grocers can rest assured their products meet the high-quality standards of today’s consumers. Don’t leave the delivery of your fresh produce and frozen food to chance – get total visibility and control with Valor’s temperature tracking solution.

How it works

The Valor TempTrac sensors use four components to create one complete temperature monitoring solution. Once the wireless sensors are installed in the trailer, the Geotab GO device collects temperature data that can be accessed in real-time via the MyGeotab fleet management software program.

Valor TempTrac Sensor

The internally-mounted sensors simultaneously monitor trailer temperature from two zones (with the option to monitor up to four).

Valor TempTrac Receiver
Antennas and Transceiver

The antenna receives data wirelessly from the sensors mounted inside the truck or trailer. It then transmits this data to the transceiver and Geotab GO Device.

Geotab GO device
Geotab GO Device

The Geotab GO device collects trailer temperature data, along with a wealth of GPS location info and engine data. All of which can be accessed in real-time via Geotab’s fleet management software.

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