The bigger picture: the ROSCO DV6 dash camera

Published on December 15, 2023

ROSCO Vision Systems (ROSCO) introduced its latest dash camera in 2022 – the dual-vision DV6. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), the DV6 has started a new chapter in fleet safety and performance. The DV6 replaces the previous DV4 camera solution. Using dash cameras in fleet vehicles adds an extra layer of protection for everyone on the road. Fleet managers can feel comfortable knowing their vehicles can provide valuable information if needed.

Who is ROSCO Vision Systems?

ROSCO is a global supplier of vision safety products for commercial vehicles. Based out of New York City, they’ve been in operation for more than 100 years and are known for their impressive dash camera solutions. ROSCO is currently the largest manufacturer of vision solutions for buses in North America, including bus mirrors.

What sets the DV6 apart from other dash cameras?

  • How it can alert drivers 
  • AI technology for an added layer of protection on the road, including:
    • Detection if operators are using a mobile device
    • Detection of distracted and tired operators 


  • Continuous video option and event recordings, including speeding, vehicle idling, seatbelt usage and more
  • Tailgating detection and driver alerts when they’re too close to another vehicle
  • Ability to add auxiliary cameras (e.g. side and rear cameras)
  • Camera-health report – easily check the status of cameras

Why should I invest in a dash camera?

Dash cameras are becoming more prevalent among commercial fleets and personal vehicles. They add an added layer of security on the road. It can be easy to be distracted with cell phones, scenery, other cars, etc. In the event of an accident, details can get lost in the chaos. Having a dash camera can also help with “he said, she said” accidents – protecting your fleet and drivers from added headaches. Northern BI clients use the footage as evidence when dealing with incidents and submitting insurance claims.

ROSCO DV6 camera
The ROSCO DV6 dash camera.

ROSCO and Geotab

ROSCO is a Geotab Marketplace partner. The DV6 integrates with the Geotab GO device wirelessly. If the GO device detects an incident (known as an exception), it prompts the DV6 for a 20-second clip before and after the event. With the DV6 Geotab integration, fleet managers can view exceptions and other videos directly on their MyGeotab database. It’s that easy!  

ROSCO DV6 benefits and features

The DV6 has many safety and performance features, including: 

  • Tested on major cellular carriers with a real-time 4G LTE connection
  • Seamless integration with MyGeotab
  • Easy to install updates that don’t require device removal
  • Audible notification when distracted driving is detected
  • Up to four additional (auxiliary) cameras can be added to the DV6 for side, backup or interior cameras
  • Storage options from 128GB up to 1.5TB on a micro SD card

AI camera captures distracted driving

With so many things on the go, it’s easy to become distracted on the road. The DV6 has distraction detection, meaning it can detect when someone isn’t focused on the road. While driving with mobile device legislation exists in many places, there are still incidents when a driver chooses to use one and may pay the price for it. The DV6 will alert you if it’s detected phone usage – meaning your employer can see it too! If you don’t want the camera to repeatedly alert you, you should keep your eyes on the road. Using the DV6 can lead to better driver coaching as well.

What should you know before buying a dash camera?

Drivers often have hesitancy towards dash cameras in their work vehicles. When adding dash cameras to a fleet, it’s important to make sure drivers understand it’s being installed and why. There are a few steps you should take to ease everyone’s concerns such as developing a vehicle-use policy. The document should contain information such as why dash cameras are being installed (ex. safety), how the data is being stored, who has access to the data, and how the data is being used. Clearly communicating this information will help alleviate drivers’ fears and achieve greater buy-in.

It’s also important to review a camera’s configuration options and features before purchasing. ROSCO’s DV6 is a dual-vision system with both front and in-cab-facing camera options. If you’re only interested in collecting front-facing video, the driver-facing camera can be turned off. Drivers should also be aware that the DV6 is continuously recording. When an incident is detected, a clip of the video is uploaded to the cloud. This way, fleets can quickly collect critical details before and after an incident is detected.

Northern BI customers see the bigger picture

Many of our clients already experience the benefits of ROSCO’s DV6 dashcam. Unlike most major dash camera providers, ROSCO has a camera-health report which allows users to easily see the status of cameras. Without the report, users would have to check the status of each camera individually. Just imagine if you must do that manually across your fleet.

Northern BI can show you how an investment in a camera solution can pay off.  When an incident occurs, having peace of mind at your fingertips is well worth the investment.  If you want to see the bigger picture, contact Northern BI today!

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