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Published on March 14, 2023

You’ve probably heard about people using trackers to keep tabs on their luggage at the airport. With so many bags being flown here, there, and everywhere, more and more travellers are relying on GPS devices to track their belongings. But did you know there are trackers available for fleet assets and non-powered equipment? Much like luggage, containers and trailers are constantly on the go – moving products and goods across land, sea and air. When you think about all the containers stacked in shipping ports and trailer yards, it’s a wonder how people can find anything. That’s where asset trackers come in. Learn how asset trackers can improve fleet productivity, measure usage, and protect your assets from theft.

What is an asset tracker?

Simply put, an asset tracker is a device that is adhered to a non-powered item, like a trailer, generator or container that sends out a GPS signal to the end user. At Northern BI, we recommend the FLEX solar-powered asset tracker as it integrates seamlessly with the MyGeotab fleet management software. The FLEX tracker offers near-real-time GPS location tracking so customers can view their assets almost instantaneously. With a rugged design and a five to seven-year battery life, the Flex solar-powered tracker is built to withstand harsh conditions.

Flex Solar Tracker

Where can you use asset trackers?

The Flex solar-powered asset tracker can be used in a variety of applications. Because of its robust design and ability to self-charge, the asset tracker can be applied to just about any object you want to keep tabs on. From truck trailers and containers to garbage bins and generators, the options are endless. If you have a valuable piece of equipment or machinery, the Flex asset tracker is the perfect way to monitor its whereabouts. We even have a client using the Flex asset tracker on a ferry boat! Here is a list of the most common asset tracker applications:

  • Truck trailers
  • Containers
  • Generators
  • Yellow iron
  • Non-powered personal transportation
  • Valuable equipment/machinery
A Flex tracker attached to a trailer. 

Why should you use an asset tracker?

Between 2019 and 2020, trailer thefts in North America increased by 29%. The COVID-19 pandemic saw a spike in thefts of trailers transporting medical supplies – and an increase in thefts in general. In Canada, cargo theft costs businesses roughly $5 billion a year. That accounts for a lot of stolen goods – with some trailers containing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of missing products. Holidays are often prime times for cargo thefts. We often hear of people recommending using trackers for items such as their luggage when travelling through airports. Why not add the same level of protection and security to your valuable assets?

Asset trackers can help with insurance claims

Many times, when a trailer is discovered to be stolen, it falls upon the fleet manager to track it down themselves. The best chance of recovering a stolen trailer is within the first 48 hours – which can be difficult to do without an asset tracker. The majority of cargo thefts often take place between 12:00 a.m. and 5 a.m. For this reason, having an asset tracker can help with insurance claims. Insurance companies will often investigate the efforts a fleet has put into theft prevention before determining the outcome of a claim. As cargo is often an easy target for thieves, it’s important for fleets to consider this when sending trailers out on the road.

Maximize asset utilization

When you have a large fleet, oftentimes there are unused pieces of equipment sitting idle for weeks or months on end costing you money. Understanding how, when and where assets are being used, helps you make better decisions and increase efficiencies. The Flex solar-powered asset tracker empowers you to ask the question, is my fleet being used to its fullest potential? If not, where are the gaps? Do you need to scale back or do you need to relocate assets to a busier of your business? With the MyGeotab integration, users can easily run a “Fleet Utilization Report” to quickly identify their most and least used assets.

With the Flex solar-powered asset tracker, you can monitor key metrics such as:

  • Days driven
  • Drive time
  • Odometer
  • Speed the asset is travelling
  • Maintenance

Discover suspicious activity and theft

With the help of Geotab’s geofencing feature, fleet managers can be alerted to a trailer leaving specified zones – notifying them of possible theft. Fleet managers can quickly investigate and begin the process of recovering their stolen property. The zoning feature has helped Northern BI clients with discovering and recovering stolen vehicles and equipment.

Geotab’s geofencing feature (photo from

Client success with Flex asset trackers

Based out of Newfoundland and Labrador, Akita Equipment has been a long-time client of Northern BI.  The use of Flex trailer trackers has helped Akita simplify its daily operations. With trucks travelling across North America on a regular basis, it was vital for Akita staff to monitor the location of its trailers. Akita has roughly 60 Flex trackers in use monitoring the whereabouts of its trailers. As a result, the staff at Akita have peace of mind knowing they can always see where their trailers are while on the go.

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Have you decided your fleet needs asset tracking support? Are you interested in learning more about our Flex solar-powered asset tracking solution? Contact Northern BI today to learn more! Our dedicated support team is ready to answer any questions you have and guide you through the implementation process!

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