The Musket Transport Ltd. advances fleet compliance with e-logs

Published on June 7, 2021

Getting ahead of the game

Ontario-based The Musket Transport Ltd. has gotten ahead of the electronic logging device curve by working with Northern BI to implement Geotab ELDs well in advance of the Canadian ELD deadline. With telematics, the intermodal, dry van and refrigerated trailer carrier, which provides pick-up and delivery service to and from Canadian and U.S. ports and railways, has seen success in both tracking hours of service and using the driver scorecard to improve the fleet’s safety profile.

The challenge: preparing for the Canadian ELD mandate

With the deadline approaching for the Canadian ELD mandate, companies throughout the country are working to meet the new regulations. One company leading the pack is The Musket Transport Ltd. The carrier, which operates approximately 327 heavy-duty trucks, needed to switch to an ELD for practical reasons ahead of the June 12, 2021 implementation date, according to Daryn Rabb, health and safety manager for The Musket Transport Ltd.

“Keeping track of all of our drivers’ logs and hours of service (HOS) was difficult and time-consuming,” he says.

The solution: staying ahead of the curve

After working with Northern BI to implement Geotab’s solution, Rabb has already seen an improvement in HOS compliance.

“HOS alerts and vehicle tracking have allowed us to be more efficient and compliant,” he says.

An added benefit: driver scorecard increases driver safety

The Musket Transport Ltd. has improved the safety profile of their fleet thanks to the Driver Safety Scorecard Report.

“We are using the driver scorecard feature to track and trace all of the driver’s behavior. As a result, it is having a direct effect on speeding, harsh braking, and cornering. Every driver we have spoken to has been able to improve this behaviour in subsequent reports,” Rabb says.

The results: forging innovative ideas

One of the significant benefits of Geotab is the open API and the Software Development Kit (SDK). The Musket Transport Ltd. has taken full advantage of this open API platform to improve its operations.

“Our owner recently designed and created a program to track retorquing of wheels using the tracking information from Geotab,” says Rabb. “With the API integration into our system, we are exploring more ways we can make use of the data available. I know we are starting to use the mileage from the telematics for maintenance tracking instead of manual entries into our system.”

With the help of Northern BI’s product support, “we will continue to use the scorecard and other telematics to change the culture of safety within our company.” 


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“HOS alerts and vehicle tracking have allowed us to be more efficient and compliant.”

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