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Published on January 8, 2021

How NBI reduced a client’s IFTA report completion time from 2 weeks to 30 minutes

If you’ve ever manually completed an IFTA report (International Fuel Tax Agreement), then we’re already impressed. Chasing down paper driver logs and sorting through fuel receipts is not only time-consuming but an administrative nightmare. While the mandatory quarterly IFTA Report isn’t going away anytime soon, with the right tool, the time it takes certainly can. For a small trucking company in western Newfoundland & Labrador, that’s exactly what they did. With help from Northern Business Intelligence and their telematics partner, Geotab, the eight-truck transport company reduced their IFTA reporting time from two weeks to 30 minutes – now that’s really impressive.

Receipt chasing is a thing of the past

Before working with NBI in 2017, the family-owned seafood transport company relied on manual calculations and vehicle tracking to dispatch and complete reports. According to the fleet’s operations manager, it would take two weeks to calculate the mileage and fuel used over a three-month period for eight drivers – that’s a huge efficiency problem. They knew there had to be a better way and turned the problem into an opportunity when they discovered Northern Business Intelligence’s telematics services.  

Geotab's IFTA Dashboard

User-friendly driver app

“We all know each other in the trucking business here in Newfoundland & Labrador,” explains the fleet’s operations manager. “I heard NBI’s services and support were outstanding and came highly recommended. One of my buddies in the trucking business showed me the Geotab software and how user-friendly the driver application was to use. I also did some research and found out that Geotab is one of the top five telematics providers in North America. Not only that, but I liked the fact that Geotab and NBI are Canadian companies.

Northern BI’s client support makes the difference

Trying to shift your fleet from paper to electronic logging is no small feat. For many transport companies, drivers can sometimes feel overwhelmed and intimidated by new technology. That’s where NBI pulls ahead of the competition – our dedicated customer support team is highly knowledgeable and invests in their clients’ success. “They provide us with ongoing training,” says the fleet’s operations manager. “They trained me on how to use the IFTA Report feature to help track our mileage, which used to be terribly time-consuming. Not only are the reports more accurate, but Geotab’s GPS software improved our ability to dispatch jobs quicker.”  

Today, the small trucking company runs its quarterly IFTA Reports with the simple click of a button. No more chasing, no more tracking, and no more administrative nightmares. “From a compliance perspective, the drivers’ logs are much more precise which allows us to focus our time elsewhere.”  

“All in all, working with NBI has saved us time and money,” comments the manager. “I’d absolutely recommend their services to other companies. They truly care about their clients and they always take the time to listen, inform, and explain. What more can you ask for? »

“All in all, working with NBI has saved us time and money”

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