Speed reductions are a big win for Bruce Auto Group

Published on January 13, 2023

Located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Bruce Auto Group was looking to cut down on driver speeds within its fleet. Having used a different telematics software at a previous job, Safety and Risk Manager Joel Neily knew Geotab was an excellent telematics platform and was excited to use it when he took over his current position. Bruce Auto has been a client of Northern BI for a few years. Their fleet currently includes shuttle vans, delivery vans, and tow trucks.

“At my previous job, we were looking for a telematics software to use for ELD. We knew the mandate was coming and wanted to get ahead of it. While we ultimately ended up going with a different software at the time, I was impressed with Geotab’s demo software and was looking forward to finally exploring it for myself,” says Joel. So far, it’s proving to be paying off. Bruce Auto has been able to cut down on speed across its fleet. MyGeotab allows users to set speeding limits. If a vehicle exceeds the set limit, the device will alert the driver and log the speeding violation in the database. “Previously, Bruce Auto reported having some cases of higher than wanted speeds. Putting the Geotab devices in our vehicles has helped to knock some of it down a bit,” says Joel. Many Northern BI staff have a Geotab device in their vehicle and can attest to the speeding reminders making them aware of their own driving habits.

Lowering more than just speeds

As speeding decreased, so have fuel costs. Driving at higher speeds consumes more fuel, which is especially important when driving larger vehicles. “With gas and diesel prices being what they are, it’s important to save where we can – and the savings are there,” says Joel. Idling costs have come down across the fleet as well. “There are risks involved with leaving a vehicle idling too. If someone leaves the vehicle running while they’re making a delivery, that not only increases idling costs but there’s the risk of the vehicle not being there when you come back out.” While it can be easy to assume you’ll only be away from the vehicle for only a minute or two, sometimes things can take longer than expected.

Geotab helps drivers stay safe across the province

Bruce Auto drivers currently travel across the province making deliveries. Nova Scotia is known for its subpar road conditions in certain areas. “From a safety perspective, it’s important to know where the drivers are,” says Joel. “They can travel on some treacherous roads. If we see a driver hasn’t moved in a couple of hours, there could be something wrong. We need to know if they’re in trouble.”

Using Geotab in the customer shuttle vans has helped with scheduling as well. The ability to see where the drivers are on the map helps the team at Bruce Auto better schedule their shuttle drivers based on location and expected arrival times.

Customization allows for more options

The customization options within Geotab have been a nice surprise for Joel as well. “There are so many things we can do with the system to make it work for us. It’s a really nice feature of Geotab and one I was looking forward to using when I started here. Having used telematics in the past, this was one of the reasons I rallied so much for Geotab.” Joel enjoys being able to change the Geotab settings to meet what he’s working with. “The more we learn, the more we can play around with it.”

Support is always available when needed

Bruce Auto’s Customer Success Manager, Danielle, has been an instrumental part of the success and implementation of their speed reduction measures. “We encountered some minor issues, and she was quick to look into it and solved the problem.” Northern BI’s client support team has also helped with any problems they’ve encountered along the way. “It’s nice when you can reach out when you have an issue and get help right away,” says Joel. “We like working with a local company as well.”

Clients, like Bruce Auto Group, have peace of mind knowing they can reach out to Northern BI directly when they need help. If you’re looking for a telematics solution, contact Northern BI today!


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“It’s nice when you can reach out when you have an issue and get help right away. We like working with a local company as well.” 

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