Fundy Xpress Transport saves time and simplifies reporting with Geotab Drive

Published on February 2, 2023

Fundy Xpress Transport is based out of the Annapolis Valley located in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Operating for more than 25 years, Fundy Xpress is a family-owned business specializing in LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments of dry goods. Many of their trucks travel between Nova Scotia and southern Ontario, hauling feed products along with some specialty items including canoes, agricultural equipment and small automobiles. “Whatever your need, they deliver!”

Operating a busy fleet of 19 heavy-duty transport trucks, Fundy Xpress has been using telematics for several years. Unhappy with the service they were receiving, they decided it was time to work with a telematics provider who could meet their needs. Learning about Northern BI’s reputation for Geotab’s support and training, they reached out and never looked back.

Simplified reporting saves time for everyone 

For Accounts Receivable Specialist, Lisa Benjamin, Geotab has helped make reporting much easier. With the Geotab Drive app, she can keep track of her drivers, which was an issue she encountered when using the previous software. “There were too many glitches with the old software we were using. We need to know where our drivers are on the map, so Geotab has really helped. We can zoom in and grab time frames.”

ELD and IFTA reporting are two of the biggest reports Fundy Xpress is using. The Geotab Drive mobile app has helped create more accurate driver logs. In a role where she wears many hats, the ability to keep track of things easily is significant for Lisa. “We maintain a spreadsheet internally where we keep track of reports. Using Geotab with it has helped so much, as we don’t have to go through weeks’ worth of paper logs to figure out kilometers – especially when the drivers may not have recorded the accurate amount. I know we’re not picking a number out of the sky.”

Driver coaching has been improved with Geotab as well. Each week, Lisa prints off a weekly report of any violations that have occurred. This is used by one of the owners to manage his drivers and work with them to reduce their violations. Due to insurance purposes, it’s very important for the team to keep a close eye on driver behaviours and overall safety.

Fundy Xpress Transport truck (Photo provided by Fundy Xpress Transport)

Excellent training provided by Northern BI  

Thanks to their Customer Success Manager, Danielle, Fundy Xpress is able to receive top-quality driver administration training. While not every driver is technologically savvy, they can agree that the Geotab Drive app is very user-friendly. “For me, even though I’m not a truck driver, I’m still able to go in there and move around without any issues. I’ve explained to drivers that it’s much easier doing it on the app compared to the old way of writing down your 15-minute breaks on paper logs. It’s doing the work for you,” says Lisa.

Recognizing there would be an adjustment period when the Canadian ELD mandate was enforced on January 1, 2023, Fundy Xpress made sure they were ready ahead of time. After giving the app a chance, many drivers have come to realize their reporting has been simplified and are even excited to use it.

Northern BI is quick to provide a solution  

The Fundy Xpress team appreciates the consistent and quick solutions they receive from Northern BI. “Danielle has been a great resource for me,” says Lisa. “She’ll either know the answer or get the support team involved and they’ll get back to me quickly. It makes my job easier, especially when I have drivers asking me what’s going on. We don’t have to wait days for an answer.”

Fundy Xpress isn’t the only client making the most of Northern BI’s complimentary telematics support. With a retention rate of over 95%, Northern BI takes pride in providing top-notch customer service. We work with all types of businesses from transport and utility to government and courier fleets. If you’re looking for a telematics solution, or need extra Geotab support, contact Northern BI today!


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“We don’t have to wait days for an answer with Northern BI”

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