Cape Breton school buses use telematics to optimize fleet

Published on January 25, 2021

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education optimizes bus routes with vehicle telematics

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Centre for Education is extremely pleased with the business relationship they share with Northern Business Intelligence. Their school board is currently using fleet tracking solutions to monitor bus routes for their Transportation Department.

From the point of install, the school board has been very pleased with the service they’ve received from Northern BI. Installation was on location and completed in a very efficient and timely manner. The install of all GPS units in the fleet was complete ahead of schedule with no issues.

Northern BI goes above and beyond

« Our contacts with this company have gone over and above to provide solutions to our needs, » says Kathy Donovan, transportation project manager. « They were very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. The fact that any of these individuals are only a phone call away makes our department feel more at ease with the tracking system we’ve purchased. In addition, their team is always eager to modify portions of the software to accommodate our needs. Northern Business Intelligence is dependable and has an excellent hardware and software team. »

Reduced speeding, idling and harsh braking violations

CBVRCE has had the Northern BI GPS system in operation on a number of its buses since May 2010. The original install was a test group to observe what this tracking system had to offer. The Transportation Department of the CBVRCE was very satisfied with what they monitored in the first few months of testing. They were able to reduce idling times, speed and harsh braking violations within 2 months. They now have the GPS units in their whole fleet and the advantages are numerous. With almost 190 buses, they’re controlling idling and other violations to ensure students are safe on the roads.

More efficient bus routes

The school board is also experiencing better-managed bus routes, overtime hours, maintenance costs and misuse. With these changes, they’re confident they’ll save the department money while running a more efficient operation with the tracking solutions provided by Northern BI.

Doing more by tracking student pick-ups and drop-offs

CBVRCE is now looking at tracking students who get on and off their buses.

« Northern BI is looking into how they can help take care of this option of our route control as well, » says Kathy. « The Transportation Department of the CBVRCE is very pleased with the service we’ve received from Northern BI and the quality hardware and software they provide. I would highly recommend them to any company looking at a GPS tracking system. »

“The fact that Northern BI’s support team is only a phone call away makes our department feel more at ease with the tracking system we’ve purchased.”

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