Northern BI announces Geotab Public Sector Partner Certification

Published on February 7, 2024

Northern Business Intelligence, a Geotab reseller based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is pleased to announce its official certification as a Geotab Public Sector Partner. Through certification, Northern BI gains access to exclusive Geotab resources, pricing, and sales tools, enhancing its ability to cater to public sector fleets more effectively.

Newly developed for 2024, Geotab’s partner certification programs are training modules designed to educate and assess a partner’s product and market knowledge. To be eligible, partners also had to submit a business plan outlining their go-to-market strategies, industry partnerships and areas of investment specific to the segment. As a leading Geotab reseller, Northern BI’s Public Sector Partner certification demonstrates its expertise in serving government fleets.

Public Sector Partner

“With more than 15 years of experience, Northern BI has been dedicated to assisting government clients in implementing and maximizing the benefits of their investments in telematics technology.,” said Dwayne Primeau, president of Northern BI. “Our team of sales professionals, customer success managers, trainers, and support specialists possess firsthand experience, enabling them to anticipate our clients’ needs and challenges, offering tailored solutions. We’ve gained this experience helping everyone from fleet managers to public works departments, public safety, and utilities.”


As the programs develop, Geotab will continue to roll out further certification segments to their partners. Officially certified Geotab partners will be distinguished by the presence of a segment badge, clearly identifying their status as a certified partner. Going forward, it’ll be important for Geotab users to recognize certified partners as they’re better equipped to deliver stronger support and product knowledge.


“We’re happy to see Geotab develop the Public Sector Partner certification program, and we’re very proud to be one of the first partners in North America to achieve this certification.”

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