Keeping it cool: How TempTrac monitors trailer and reefer temperatures

Published on October 31, 2022

If you’re in the business of transporting food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or chemical solutions, temperature control is a must. The refrigerated truck market is expected to grow to $13.9 billion by 2030. Most of this growth is due to consumers demanding packaged frozen food, e-commerce portals, and medicine. During the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 vaccinations were transported across the country in temperature-controlled environments to preserve the shots for as long as possible. But while the trailer is set to a specific degree, how do we know the temperature isn’t fluctuating throughout the journey? This is where TempTrac steps in. Installed directly inside the refrigerated trailer (“reefer”), the TempTrac sensor continuously reads the temperature, alerting users of any fluctuations requiring attention. But that’s not all! TempTrac has many other benefits including its ability to integrate with Geotab!

How TempTrac works with Geotab

TempTrac works with Geotab by connecting to the Geotab GO device through an IOX harness. The installation is a quick process, estimated to take as little as 20 minutes. Mounted inside the trailer, the sensor wirelessly transmits data to a receiver that’s connected to the Geotab GO device. Recognizing some reefers have different temperature zones allowing them to carry various types of cargo, the TempTrac can track up to four zones at once.

Once the TempTrac units are installed, users can access TempTrac data directly in MyGeotab through engine measurements or with the TempTrac add-in. In addition, with the data directly in MyGeotab custom rules (exceptions) can be built combining temperature data with vehicle location, zones and others to allow users to be be notified on temperature changes based on their vehicle operations.

This is the real advantage of using TempTrac and MyGeotab – users can access their critical operational data in one platform as well as develop business rules, notifications and reporting leveraging this data.

Example database of a TempTrac client. 

TempTrac features and benefits:

  • Real-time data every four seconds
  • Can be installed in any refrigerated vehicle (straight-truck or trailer)
  • Auto alerts for over and under changes in temperature
  • Works with Geotab GO device
  • FMSA and EN12830 compliant
  • Real-time monitoring removes the need for manual temperature inspections
  • “Out of bounds” temperature warnings alert you to potential issues
  • 5-to-7-year battery life
  • Monitor up to four zones, 24/hours a day

TempTrac Tracking Sensor

TempTrac for food and beverage support

Temperature control is critical for food safety. Just as we would put food in the fridge or freezer to keep it cool, food transportation does the same. Without temperature control, bacteria can grow and quickly become a dangerous health concern. As most food travels a long distance to reach its destination, it’s important to make sure it stays as cool as possible. Frozen foods transported within Canada are transported at temperatures that do not permit thawing. Canada’s “Temperature Danger Zone” is between 4C and 60C (40F and 140F.) Any food exposed to temperatures outside of this range run the risk of becoming contaminated with bacteria and being unsafe for consumption.

TempTrac for pharmaceutical support

Certain medicines also require temperature control to keep them safe. Poorly temperature-controlled spaces can affect the chemical stability of certain medications, which can be risky and even dangerous to those in need. This is also the case for certain vaccinations and blood transported across the country. With TempTrac’s auto alert system, drivers are always aware of the temperature in the trailer and are never left guessing.

Take control of trailer temperature tracking with Northern BI

At Northern BI, we specialize in telematics solutions that integrate well with Geotab. We’ve tested them first-hand, oftentimes in our own personal vehicles, so we know how they work. TempTrac is our device of choice when it comes to keeping tabs on reefer temperature. That’s why one of our clients, a large Canadian-based grocery chain, relies on TempTrac to monitor the temperature in their trailers. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, reputable chain stores count on TempTrac and Northern BI’s support to ensure food is delivered safely. Northern BI puts customers first and guides them through the entire training and implementation process. If your business needs to keep things cool, give Northern BI a shout today!

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