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Forget manual calculations and receipt chasing with Geotab IFTA reporting

IFTA reporting is a complex and time-consuming task requiring a lot of paper chasing and manual calculations. By law, commercial motor carriers in IFTA jurisdictions need to keep detailed records on miles driven, fuel purchased and fuel tax paid in each state and province their vehicles travel through. Commercial carriers, small and large, spend days and even weeks at a time, calculating their fuel tax to avoid costly penalties. It’s safe to say no one is raising their hand for that job – and no one has to thanks to automated IFTA reporting with Northern BI and Geotab. 

What is IFTA?
(International Fuel Tax Agreement)

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is a fuel tax agreement shared amongst 10 Canadian provinces and 48 American states. Provincial and interstate commercial carriers are required to file a fuel tax return reporting quarterly on the miles driven in each state and province. The IFTA fuel tax reporting ensures each jurisdiction has its fair share of revenue to put toward roads and transportation infrastructure.

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Geotab IFTA

How Geotab vehicle telematics simplifies fuel tax reporting

If you’ve never used vehicle telematics to automate IFTA reports across your fleet, then you’re in for a real treat. Put aside that pencil, paper and calculator and let us simplify the entire process for you with a few simple clicks. Believe it or not, carriers can streamline IFTA reporting by using telematics solutions to retrieve and calculate data from their vehicles. The Geotab GO device not only tracks location but logs the vehicle’s odometer, capturing trips and mileage driven in each province or state. Either use the Geotab Drive app to simply enter fuel cost data, or upload it straight to your MyGeotab software platform. How amazing is that? If you’re ready to say goodbye to manual IFTA reporting, give Northern BI a shout today!

Benefits of automating IFTA reporting with Geotab

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Calculate distance

Automatically calculate the distance drive and fuel purchased for each vehicle by jurisdiction.

Eliminate manual entry

Import fuel card data into MyGeotab instead of adding up receipts manually or use a free Add-In from Geotab to let drivers add this info.

Reduce audit risk

Minimize the risk of potential issues like missing paperwork and errors which can lead to costly penalties.

Improve driver efficiency

With the Geotab GO device logging vehicle odometer, GPS position and fuel fill-up data, drivers may no longer need to manage hardcopy receipts.

Increase accuracy

Automating IFTA mileage collection means greater accuracy and fewer administrative tasks.

Save serious time and money with automated fuel tax reporting

At Northern BI, we understand the timely and frustrating process of filing IFTA reports quarterly. Every day, we work with clients of all sizes to help them complete and automate their own IFTA reports saving them significant time and money. By using the Geotab system, one of our clients went from spending two weeks to just 30 minutes running their IFTA report. Talk about huge time savings! Not only does the Geotab suite of telematics products enable automated IFTA calculations, but you can feel confident the data you file is accurate. Wasting time chasing paperwork and performing manual calculations is a thing of the past when you work with Northern BI.

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