How government fleet visibility can lead to happier citizens

Published on July 8, 2021

Public works behind the scenes

A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes in public works departments to keep our cities moving safely and efficiently. In fact, public works professionals affect our lives every single day. The continuous maintenance of our roads, parks, and infrastructure is how we’re able to move around our communities freely. You see public works vehicles daily: construction crews, police cars, sanitation trucks, street sweepers, and snowplows just to name a few. As citizens and taxpayers, we expect our public works groups to keep a high level of standard and accountability. We want to know how our tax dollars are being spent and whether services are being completed. Municipalities can show their accountability by giving citizens access to behind the scenes. Being open and transparent about community operations is an easy way for governments to gain citizen support. Let’s look at how the Geotab fleet management system helps public works teams show value.

Give the public what they want

The Geotab Public Works telematics solution is any municipality’s answer to showing accountability. The solution is built to support government fleets with everything from material management and route completion to accountability and liability. Accountability in public works can refer to public-facing websites, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting for the media and town council, as well as municipal annual reports. Clear communication is key to keeping citizens informed. And when people are well-informed about expectations, they’re more satisfied with the services they receive. With the Geotab Public Works solution, governments can offer citizens access to insights like the location of snowplows, whether the garbage truck has serviced their street, and if the highways have been salted to avoid a slippery drive to work. From one dashboard, public works fleet managers have full visibility of their vehicles ensuring crews are where they need to be.

Run a smoother operation by sharing information

Accountability in public works departments is becoming a significant trend for governments. Public-facing websites can increase road safety since citizens can check if roads are cleared in advance. This leads to reducing incoming calls and emails from citizens. The Geotab open SDK (Software Development Kit) allows public works agencies to integrate fleet operations with 511 platforms and GIS mapping software such as Esri. By giving citizens a bird’s eye view of public works services, your department will run much more efficiently. Just imagine what your public works support team could do with all that saved time! Now you can redirect all that energy to increase productivity on more important projects.

Let the data do the talking

Another great resource public works departments can use to prove accountability is data. Our Geotab Public Works solution collects engine-rich data about your fleet operations. Gather insights like fuel consumption, vehicle health, salt spreading, routing, driver behaviour, and more. Municipalities can use the data to make better-informed decisions about budgets and future initiatives. Not only that, but the data also makes it easy for management to complete annual reports. Stats like fuel, maintenance, and material costs can all be calculated with just a few clicks. This kind of data allows governments to deliver community reports, be fiscally responsible, and answer concerns with confidence.

Are your citizens satisfied?

So, the big question is – are your citizens satisfied with their public works services? If you’re not sure, it might be time to take a step back and look at how services are communicated. With a public-facing site, citizens can access the information they need at their convenience. Alleviate the strain of answering calls and emails that could be resolved by sharing information. The Geotab Public Works solution is intuitive and built to empower public works teams and citizens alike. If you want to learn how our public works telematics can help your government fleet, schedule a demo with us today!

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