How do I know if OEM embedded telematics is right for my fleet?

Published on February 9, 2022

OEM embedded telematics is one of the few ways Geotab is connecting fleets to their vehicles and assets. The myGeotab software solution provides fleet managers with a single scalable platform to oversee operations. By the year 2024, 82 percent of all vehicles manufactured will come equipped with embedded OEM telematics. We know there are major differences between aftermarket telematics devices and OEM telematics. Depending on the data you need to collect or the vehicle activities you need to measure, OEM embedded telematics may not be a robust enough solution. For this reason, it’s important to evaluate the differences between OEM telematics and aftermarket devices. But if you have newer vehicles and want to know if the built-in telematics is suitable for your fleet, read on!

Things to consider if you’re thinking about using OEM embedded telematics

  • No activation delay: with OEM telematics there is no delay waiting for aftermarket hardware
  • Faster time to market: less vehicle downtime as there is no installation necessary
  • Lower cost: no need to purchase hardware or pay for installation services
  • If the available data sets meet your fleet’s requirements: talk to your telematics provider to see if the OEM solution will work for your fleet
  • Avoid device tampering: with no external hardware, drivers cannot unplug or deactivate the device
  • Access to OEM proprietary data

Available Geotab OEM telematics vehicle partners:

OEM supported manufacturers

With the limitation of semiconductors and the impact on Geotab GO device inventory, along with the need to switch to a 4G capable telematics device, the use of an OEM telematics solution may work for your fleet.

If most or all the above points meet your fleet management needs, contact Northern BI to learn more about the Geotab OEM telematics solution. We can guide you through the implementation to ensure your fleet is set up for success.

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