Going from paper to ELDs – change management is key

Published on January 19, 2021

You can’t round your driving logs by 15 minutes anymore…

For years, many transportation companies have been tracking drivers’ hours of services (HOS) through paper logs and are making the transition to electronic logging devices (ELDs).  These changes are happening fast as Canadians prepare for new legislation coming into effect  June 2021  following US legislation in 2017. 

The importance of change management

At Northern BI, we have experience in successfully deploying ELDs for clients and understand the importance of change management when introducing new processes. There’s no doubt going from paper to electronic logging will raise a slew of frustrations and questions. One of the biggest changes drivers will notice is that ELDs record driving time to the very second rather than in 15-minute increments. This means, if a driver is on duty for one minute past their daily limit, the ELD will record the driver as exceeding their on-duty time by one minute.  As you can imagine, this change can cause a lot of frustration with drivers and dispatchers leading to a negative ELD company rollout. 

Communication is key

Being mindful of this change is critical during the ELD rollout phase. Northern BI encourages clients to spend a lot of time communicating with their drivers about the ELD system and how it differs from paper logs. By training key drivers in your organization and having them share their knowledge with co-workers, can drastically improve the ELD deployment. 

Train your team

Secondly, Northern BI specializes in training clients on the Geotab Drive app and how it guides drivers through the logging process. From start to finish, your team will have access to complimentary training sessions and practices to help avoid resistance to change. Drivers will learn how the ELD system alerts them about their on-duty status, break time and even warns them if they’ve returned from a break too soon.  

Don’t underestimate the impact

The Northern BI team recommends clients spend as much time as possible preparing for the transition from paper to electronic logs. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the impact the change will have on drivers. A successful ELD implementation allows clients to take advantage of all the benefits of the electronic logging system.   

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