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Published on May 2, 2022

OEM telematics is on the rise

There’s lots of buzz about embedded Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) telematics solutions. If you’ve recently bought a vehicle from Ford, GM, Volvo/Mack, International and John Deere, there’s a good chance it’s equipped with OEM telematics. Estimates show that 82.7% of all vehicles manufactured in 2024 will have this feature.

How Geotab manages mixed vehicle fleets

Approximately 90% of commercial fleets are made up of different makes and models. Each manufacturer has its own hardware and software — but they lack the flexibility Geotab offers. Through the Geotab platform, Northern BI can combine a growing number of OEM telematics into a single MyGeotab database. This lets you manage the location and data of all your mixed OEMs, Geotab GO devices, and asset trackers on a single map. 

Extensive hands-on training

Consistency in reporting is another challenge with OEM telematics solutions. Depending on the manufacturer, reports can be sent as frequently as every five seconds to every few minutes. There are also inconsistencies in the types and quantities of data each OEM device reports. Engine measurements, sensors and exceptions may vary from different manufacturers. Using custom reporting, Northern BI helps clients make the most of their telematics systems. Northern BI’s hands-on training approach allows our clients to read and apply the data to make smarter business decisions.

The Northern BI advantage

Data is a valuable currency in business. Many companies use their telematics data through integrations with fleet management/maintenance applications. Some of these include route optimization solutions, transport management systems (TMS), field force automation solutions, and accounting applications. Integrating these systems needs technical expertise, especially when using a variety of data from different software systems. If you’re using several software systems to manage your fleet, there’s a good chance Northern BI can help connect them. We work with industry-leading marketplace application partners who specialize in fleet management solutions including distracted driving, maintenance, route planning and TMS. 


With Geotab’s expertise and more than a decade of experience building telematics solutions, Northern BI unlocks your vehicle’s/fleet’s full potential. Whether you’re a private or public fleet looking to take advantage of OEM telematics data to optimize operational efficiencies, Northern BI is here to help.

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