ELD – What’s in it for the driver?

Published on February 24, 2021

Moving from paper logs to an electronic logging device (ELD) is a big change and drivers are affected the most. For some, the idea of using new technology in any capacity can be intimidating, let alone learning vehicle telematics. But the team at NBI (Northern Business Intelligence) is here to tell you there’s no need to fearThere are several ways the Geotab Drive Mobile App makes a driver’s day much easier: 

No more drawing duty-status charts!

As drivers move throughout their day, going from on-duty to off-duty and back again, the Geotab Drive App automatically records time spent during those status changes. The Geotab GO device is smart enough to know when you’re driving and when you’re stopped. Now, keeping track of your ROD is easier than ever with the push of a few buttons. No more paper means no more lost records. And when you need to print, the Compliance Print option in MyGeotab allows drivers to create duty-status graphs instantly.

The clock will do the math:

Tired of doing calculations? Let Geotab Drive do the math! The main ELD status page in Geotab Drive gives drivers a summary of their duty-status information – without you doing any math! The mobile app tracks how long drivers have been on duty, how much drive time is remaining, and how much time is left before they must take a break. Don’t worry about losing track of time while you’re bombing down the highway while singing to your favourite tune. Geotab Drive can notify drivers when a much-needed break is coming up. As long as drivers log in to the system and update their duty-status, Geotab Drive will take care of the rest.

Drivers drive while Geotab keeps track

As a driver, how many times have you forgotten to track when you started your route? Probably a lot. But with Geotab, drivers no longer need to keep manual records of their driving time. When the Geotab GO device detects the vehicle has started driving, the driver’s duty-status automatically switches to “Drive” status. What does that mean for drivers? One less thing to worry about.

Where’s my logbook?

For a long time, drivers had to keep track of a lot of paperwork: duty-status logs and vehicle inspection reports to name a few. That’s a lot of important documentation to hold onto while on the road. With Geotab, drivers’ duty-status logs and vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) are auto-synced to the cloud when their mobile device is connected to the network (via cellular or Wi-Fi). Lost your logbook? No problem – Geotab can recover the information via the cloud. 

Learning new technology can always seem intimidating at first – especially when it comes to your job. But with training from Northern BI, and some practice and patience, the transition from paper to ELD is possibleDrivers’ days are busy enough – let Geotab Drive make them a little easier.  

Contact one of Northern BI’s ELD specialists today. Our team can help with selecting the right product, Geotab rate plan, ELD training for your fleet and more!

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