ELD checklist: What do you need to succeed?

Published on February 16, 2023

With the ELD mandate now in effect across Canada, there’s a lot of information to be followed to make sure your fleet is compliant. We’ve created a telematics checklist for clients to better understand what they need to be successful on the road!

Equipment requirements

Tablet requirements*

  • LTE compatibility
  • 1-2GB of data is often sufficient. Most cell service providers offer tablet bundles or promotions**
  • Operates on iOS or Android systems
  • Must have a camera for DVIR
  • Must be mounted within eyesight of the driver in order to see remaining drive time


*While a cell phone can be used, a tablet is preferable. 
**Northern BI does not provide mobile devices.

Important details to provide for trainings

  • The name of who will be the data administrator
  • A comprehensive list of which vehicles will be having devices installed


This should include: VIN, license plate, and a list of drivers assigned to the vehicles 

Helpful tips prior to installation

  • Create a Google Play/Apple Store account to download Geotab Drive
  • Open Geotab Drive app and familiarize yourself prior to the training session
  • Installations need to be done and linked back to the database before training
  • One person should be set up as the database administrator. We recommend this being someone who has the capability to dedicate their time to monitoring the database

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