Easy ELD reporting with Geotab

Published on March 26, 2021

Managing a fleet is difficult enough without having to worry about getting the information you need from your ELD system. Geotab is recognized as one of the most comprehensive e-log solutions on the market and with millions of points of data available. You can be sure there’s a report that exists that captures the information you’re looking for.

With the Canadian ELD regulations set to be law in June 2021, it’s important to have a proven and trusted solution. Beyond tracking your drivers’ hours though, there are many different ways this data can feed into fleet and driver management. Let’s have a look.

Need an automated IFTA report?  Geotab’s got it.


How about a clear and accurate logbook? Piece of cake.


eld compliance solution UI on tablet computer


Need to see your fleet’s HOS performance at a glance? It’s what Geotab does best.



In addition to these (and many more) standard reports, Geotab allows for custom report building that can be uploaded to your database. From engine data to driving performance and fuel reports, Geotab really does offer something for every fleet.

Ready to take the next step in your ELD rollout? Contact Northern BI today to discuss what Geotab can do for you!

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