3 big differences between the Canadian and U.S. ELD mandates

Published on March 2, 2021

The big 3: differences you need to know to be ELD compliant in Canada and the U.S.


The Canadian ELD mandate takes effect June 12, 2021, for federally regulated motor carriers. The U.S. mandated electronic logging devices for carriers in December 2019. With Canada and the U.S. being such close neighbours, you’d think the same rules would apply to both – but that’s not the case. Luckily, there are many similarities between the U.S and Canadian ELD mandates and how the technology needs to work. There are, however, a few differences carriers need to be aware of!


1. Method of sharing records of duty status with compliance officers

Under the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association) U.S. mandate, logs are transferred electronically to a database called ERODS (Electronic Records of Duty Status).

In Canada, the records of duty status are shared with a specified compliance officer via email transfer (in most cases).

2. Personal conveyance

In the U.S., personal conveyance (any personal trips you make during your off-duty time) can be recorded by an ELD with no imposed limits on the distance travelled.

In Canada, ELDs must support tracking against a limit of 75 KM travelled under personal conveyance.

3. Self-certification vs. third-party certification

In the U.S., ELDs were self-certified by the ELD providers/manufacturers themselves. While this made for a quicker rollout, it also resulted in a flood of non-regulated devices in the market posing risk to carriers. 

In Canada, all ELDs must be certified by a designated third-party organization. To date, FP Innovations is the only entity named to certify ELDs in Canada. This means ELD providers/manufacturers must submit any, and all, devices they wish to certify to FP Innovations (at a cost to the ELD provider of course). Being the only identified ELD certifier in Canada, I suspect FP Innovations is very busy! 

What can you do to prepare for the Canadian ELD mandate?

Training and preparation are key to a successful ELD rollout. At Northern BI, we provide bilingual guidance, training, and support to help you most efficiently deploy the Geotab ELD solution. Geotab is a Canadian-based leader in the vehicle telematics industry, and currently awaiting its certification from FP Innovations. Recognized worldwide by some of the largest commercial fleets, Geotab is expected to be ready to meet the June 12, 2021, Canadian ELD mandate. 

Contact Northern BI today to learn more about ELDs and fleet management solutions!

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