Our reaction to the Canadian Government’s phased-in approach to ELDs

Published on March 10, 2021

On March 2, 2021, the Canadian Transport Minister, Omar Alghabra, made a statement about the upcoming ELD mandate due to come into effect this June. As we anticipated, a phased-in ELD approach will be taken in Canada to give companies more time to make the adjustment.

“As Minister of Transport, I am firmly committed to this timeline – these devices will further strengthen road safety in Canada. At the same time, the impact of COVID-19 on commercial vehicle operations has been unprecedented and must be acknowledged.”

In short, the law is still hitting the books, but enforcement will be “progressive” lasting up to 12 months. The message and plan from Transport Canada are consistent with the challenges of the COVID pandemic. The decision to move forward with a phased-in ELD approach is not much different than the process taken by the FMCSA in the US in 2018. As a statement from the Private Motor Truck Council of Canada read – “With no certified devices currently on Transport Canada’s list of approved devices, this is the only reasonable way to move forward.”


What does this mean for transportation companies?


So, what does this mean for transportation companies needing to become ELD compliant in Canada? In my opinion, this progressive enforcement plan doesn’t change the necessity of becoming ELD compliant. As I shared in a previous blog post about ELD adoption, change is hard. Implementing an ELD solution for any business takes time, training and a good partner.


My recommendation is to start the process now. When compliance officials start enforcing the law, the added time will give your organization a leg up. At Northern BI, we specialize in ELD training for fleet managers and drivers. It can take upwards of six months for personnel to adopt the new technology and feel comfortable logging their hours.


While we’re all waiting patiently for the Canadian certification body, FPInnovations,  to announce the list of certified ELDs, the time to start educating yourself is now. Don’t get left behind. Let the team at Northern BI help you navigate the ELD mandate so you can set your fleet up for success!


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