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5 things to know before buying fleet dash cameras

Not all dash cameras are made equal. Features like durability and storage capacity need to be considered before investing in fleet dashcams.

A picture is worth a thousand words

When it comes to driver safety, a picture can be worth a thousand words. Learn how our Rosco Vision dashcam gives fleets visual validation inside and outside their vehicles.

How Northern BI clients use dash cameras to help drive business

Learn how our clients combine the power of Geotab and the Rosco dashboard camera solution to help drive new business.

Dispatch emergency fleets faster with Geotab telematics!

When every second counts, first responders need to make decisions fast. Our Geotab fleet management solution tracks vehicles in real-time so dispatchers can respond without second-guessing.

How to achieve your public works fleet goals

When you work for a city or municipality, everyone you pass on the street is your consumer, your critic, and your employer. Learn how fleet telematics helps deliver services, with the right tracking, data and controls, to meet your public works goals.

5 reasons why telematics is essential for winter fleets

City winter fleets have a responsibility to keep roads clear of ice and snow. Learn how telematics can manage your winter fleet operations.

How government fleet visibility can lead to happier citizens

Are your citizens satisfied with public works services? Gain taxpayer trust by offering more visibility into government fleet operations with our Geotab Public Works solution.

How much material is my salt truck spreading?

Do you know how much material your winter fleet is using to keep the roads safe? Check out how Geotab Public Works telematics helps government fleets take control of their material management.

How public works fleets use telematics to resolve liability claims

Get the real story about public works fleet liability claims. Access everything from vehicle location, trip history, and speed with Geotab.

Canadian ELD mandate certification update

On June 12, 2021, the first phase of the Canadian ELD mandate came into effect for federally regulated motor carriers and buses as per the Transport Canada guidelines. Geotab is committed to becoming ELD certified in Canada.

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6 big benefits of ELDs

6 big benefits of ELDs

Six big benefits ELDs can provide your fleet. Measure productivity, safety, driving behaviours, fuel efficiency, and more!

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How ELDs save time and money

How ELDs save time and money

ELDs are a lot more powerful than just tracking hours of service (HOS). The right ELD can literally change the way you manage your fleet operations from safety to administration.

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Go beyond compliance with ELDs

Go beyond compliance with ELDs

You’ve heard how ELDs create electronic logs to record hours of service (HOS) – but they’re much more than that. Plugged into your vehicle’s OBDII port, the Geotab GO device is a powerful tool that can track everything from driving behaviours to engine health and more.

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How ELDs improve fleet safety

How ELDs improve fleet safety

ELDs are designed to maximize safety on the road – but they can do a lot more than that to keep your fleet safe. From seat belt alerts to providing continuous driver feedback, the Geotab ELD solution checks off all the safety boxes.

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