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Northern BI announces Geotab ELD Canadian Certification

Geotab ELD (Electronic Logging Device) is officially third-party certified in Canada!

Meet your customer support team at Northern BI!

Get to know the Customer Solutions Support team at Northern BI! Our team is dedicated to working with you to make the most of your Geotab needs.

Get the most out of your OEM telematics with Northern BI

Wondering how to manage a mixed fleet of vehicles using telematics? Northern BI has the expertise, knowledge and tools to help you implement a variety of vehicle makes and models into one platform – MyGeotab.

5 reasons to use OEM embedded telematics

By 2024, 82% of all manufactured vehicles will have embedded telematics. Let’s look at the top 5 reasons why OEM telematics may be the right fit for you.

Canadian ELD Mandate enforcement delayed

The Canadian ELD Mandate enforcement date has been delayed until Jan. 1, 2023. Learn why the CCMTA pushed for the delay and what it means for your fleet.

What is OEM embedded telematics, anyway?

What is OEM telematics? Learn how OEM embedded telematics is making it easy for fleets to integrate vehicles with MyGeotab!

How do I know if OEM embedded telematics is right for my fleet?

Built-in OEM telematics is becoming more popular in new vehicles. But how do you know if they’ll work for your fleet?

How OEM connected vehicle technology can improve fleet operations

Most newer vehicles come equipped with OEM embedded telematics. But how do OEM telematics impact fleet management and how can you reap the benefits?

Your connected car knows a lot more about you than you think

Connected cars offer a range of convenient features to make your driving experience more enjoyable. But they’re also collecting a lot more personal information than you may think.

What are the differences between OEM embedded telematics and the Geotab GO device telematics?

More and more vehicles are coming with factory-embedded OEM telematics. But how do you know if they’re right for your fleet? Let’s look at the differences between OEM telematics and the Geotab GO device.

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