Asset tracking and management with Geotab and Flex

Real-time asset tracking for trailers, containers, machinery and more

Put a stop to blindly walking equipment lots in search of containers, trailers or the machinery you need to get the job done. Let us introduce you to the Flex Solar Powered Tracker – your new best friend in asset tracking technology. This device and integration by Flex and Geotab gives you the highest level of detail not found in traditional tracking solutions. Featuring one-minute GPS fix capabilities, fleet managers can know exactly where their equipment assets were, where they are, and where they’re going next. See your assets in your existing MyGeotab software and have one view of all your vehicles and assets. Get the job done right the first time with the Flex Solar Powered Tracker with Geotab telematics.

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Know exactly where in the world your cargo is located with advanced GPS visibility and data.

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Easily monitor the movement and whereabouts of generators using the Flex asset tracker with Geotab telematics.

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Built to withstand harsh conditions, the Geotab Flex can track industrial vehicle movement, hours of use and mileage.

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With near-real-time asset tracking, fleet operators have complete transparency of trailer locations and speed.

* The solar tracker needs to be mounted outside the unit where it’s subject to sun exposure in order to charge the panel. The tracker should be mounted in an area where it won’t overheat. Self-Sustaining Solar Power: With a four-month backup battery life at 12 reports/day. Rugged Design: IP67 certified with a 5-7 year battery life

Right-size fleet inventory and avoid theft

Most large fleets have underutilized trailers, containers and other equipment parked in lots for weeks and months on end. The need to find efficiencies is a key driver for increasing profits and reducing unwanted expenses. With the Flex asset tracker and Geotab, your cargo works for you by collecting utilization data to support fleet right-sizing decisions. A 1% reduction in fleet size could more than cover the first-year cost of implementation.

Knowing the exact location of your fleet’s valuable assets can save considerable time and money. With the Flex asset tracker and MyGeotab software system, fleet managers can track their entire inventory in one place. Geofencing capabilities allow operators to be notified when an asset enters an unauthorized location – alerting them to a possible theft. Whether equipment is on or off the road, fleet managers can rest assured their trailers are exactly where they’re supposed to be.

Better visibility
Better visibility

Provides the highest level of detail for tracking the location of your trailers and other assets.

Reduce costs
Reduce costs

Get a clearer picture of asset utilization for individual pieces of equipment. Right-size your fleet with use and maintenance data.

easy integration
Easy integration

Integrates your Flex asset trackers easily with the MyGeotab software system.

high durability
High durability

Built for harsh conditions, the Flex asset trackers are reliable even in extreme environments.

Power fleet productivity and management

With Geotab, fleet managers have the power to put data into action by collecting insights about equipment location, use and movement. Not only that, but the solar-powered device tracks hours of use and mileage of equipment so you can stay on top of required and preventative maintenance. By knowing the exact location of your trailers, generators and containers, you can swap timely yard hunts and costly downtime for profitable business.

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