6 big benefits of ELDs

Published on April 26, 2021

When shopping for an ELD solution, the obvious detail you’re looking for is a device that’s compliant with the Canadian mandate. But did you know you can get more out of an ELD than just HOS (Hours of Service)? An electronic logging device also provides valuable benefits to help increase fleet efficiency, productivity, and safety. Let’s look at the six top added ELD features to take your fleet management game to the next level.

Helps with IFTA

One of the great benefits of the Geotab ELD solution is that it tracks your vehicle’s odometer making IFTA reporting a breeze. This alone saves a significant amount of time chasing down drivers’ paper logs in search of odometer readings – not to mention the math. The ELD is even smart enough to separate fuel use by jurisdiction, so you never have to wonder.

ELD does the math for you = less HOS violations

HOS violations can be a costly expense for fleets of all sizes. With an ELD, you can easily select rulesets to follow and let the software do that math. The Geotab ELD will even warn the driver when they’re approaching their drive time limit for the day. Not only that, but the ELD allows for exemptions including personal conveyance, yard moves, adverse driving conditions, and off-duty deferral which gives extra flexibility in your drivers’ day.

Check driver availability without calling

ELDs are a great tool to help with dispatching. A dispatcher can use the system to see how much time a driver has left before assigning them a new trip. The MyGeotab software system gives fleet operators complete visibility of their vehicles. Coupled with the Geotab ELD, it also shows drivers’ workday activities like drive time, off-duty, on-duty, sleeper berth, and more! Dispatching can all be done with the click of a button with no need to distract drivers from their job. 

Monitor engine health

Depending on the Geotab rate plan you select, an ELD can monitor the health of your fleet. If there’s an engine fault, the fleet manager will be promptly notified to avoid further damage to the vehicle. Combine that feature with automated maintenance reminders, such as oil changes and tire rotations, you can keep the health of your fleet in tip-top shape!

No need for messy paperwork

How would you like to say goodbye to piles and files of messy paperwork? With the Geotab ELD solution, your fleet’s information is all in one placeNo need to worry about finding lost documents like your odometer readings for IFTA, vehicle checks for DVIR or your drivers hours of service. Fleet operators have enough to worry about. Help the environment while helping fleet operators with their daily tasks. 

Track driver behaviour before it becomes a problem

Road safety is the ultimate driver of the ELD mandate in both Canada and the U.S. With the Geotab ELD software system, operators can rest assured their fleet is in good working order. Once again, depending on which Geotab rate plan you choose, fleet managers can be made aware of dangerous driving habits. You can’t address the issues you don’t know. Get real-time driving behaviour feedback to avoid unnecessary accidents, but also reward those who are driving safely.

Whether safety, productivity, or HOS is your focus for investing in an ELD, the system comes with added benefits. Our Geotab ELD solution provides the complete package to manage fleets of all sizes. The flexibility of the Geotab system allows fleet managers to select the best rate plan to meet their needs. Contact Northern BI today to learn more about how the Geotab ELD can help your fleet reach new heights.  

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