Geotab fleet management and support solutions

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Geotab Public Sector Certified!

Northern BI is a Geotab Public Sector Certified partner. Our team has put in the time and resources to educate and deliver the best in Geotab public sector telematics solutions. Learn more!

We ensure you get the most out of your Geotab fleet management technology

At Northern BI, we provide what no other Geotab fleet management company offers – business intelligence, customized training, and best-in-class support. As a Geotab partner, we lead the way in innovative commercial and industrial telematics. From GPS fleet tracking devices to temperature monitoring controls and dash cameras, our suite of products is industry-proven and built to save you time and money. Whether you operate a small fleet of service vans or an enterprise fleet of heavy-duty trucks, Northern BI has the products, software, and security to simplify your logistics needs. Let us focus on fleet efficiency, while you focus on running your business.

Vehicle & Asset Tracking

Collect data-rich metrics on vehicle speed, GPS location tracking, engine idling, trip distance, safe driving practices, fuel consumption, and more. Gain peace of mind and improve your bottom line by knowing where all your valuable assets are located.

Data Analytics

Plugged into your vehicle’s diagnostic port (e.g. OBD II), the Geotab GO device sends data from a variety of sources including engine, drivetrain, instrument cluster, and other subsystems.

Workforce Optimization

Monitor and oversee your fleet’s fuel consumption, idling time, driver speed, and vehicle maintenance with automated notifications and reminders. Save time and money by rightsizing your fleet and monitoring driver behaviour.

Workflow Management

Deliver measurable results with fleet benchmarking tools and automated reporting for IFTA, HOS, and DVIR. Simplify dispatch processes and driver communication with myGeotab cloud-based software.

Complete Geotab fleet management and support solutions

With Northern BI’s suite of telematics products, you can monitor any type of asset including vehicles, trailers, machinery, and more, from a single platform. The MyGeotab software system simplifies fleet management by tracking productivity, safety, compliance, and maintenance, making it the only tool you need. Access reports, create rules and customize your dashboard view with a few simple clicks. And if that’s not enough, Northern BI offers professional integration services and additional Geotab support allowing you to take your fleet to the next level.


Drive your business forward with our fleet productivity solutions so you can start working smarter, not harder.


Use data-driven insights to optimize all aspects of your fleet, including fuel management and predictive maintenance.


Improve safety on both sides of the wheel. Take advantage of our fleet management solutions for the well-being of your fleet and those around it.


Analyze and visualize the environmental impact of your fleet and take the right actions to reduce your overall carbon footprint.


Don’t get caught with violations. Strengthen fleet regulatory and privacy compliance with effective and streamlined solutions.


Expand your fleet capabilities and make the most out of our open fleet management platform with customized software integrations.

Geotab GO device

Lead your fleet now and into the future with Geotab’s latest vehicle tracking device, the Geotab GO9. Unlike other vehicle tracking devices, the GO9 is built using patented curve-based logic to collect only the data points you need while discarding the rest. This method allows the GO device to retain second-by-second data-rich information without overloading the system. Now that’s pretty smart.

Featuring a powerful 32-bit processor, the Geotab GO9 is a plug-and-play GPS tracking device designed for vehicles of any size. Its compact and durable design collects near-real-time vehicle data including location, engine health, collision detection, and driving behaviour.

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ELD compliance

Don’t get caught with a driving violation. Rest assured your fleet meets the Hours of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) standards with our Geotab GO devices. Meeting ELD compliance is easier than ever with Geotab’s user-friendly dashboard, smart mobile app, and report functionality. With an advanced alert system, including in-app driver warnings and real-time notifications, compliance managers can easily track driver e-logs and submit government-mandated reports.